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This is gorgeous Wally, who is so happy with his new family. He has a new name: Chubbs!

...And Still More Happy Tails

Joseph writes "Just a short note. Lola is doing great. Adjusted to her new HOME. Losing some weight. Feeling good happy in her new world."

We adopted Dazey on March 9, 2011 and could not be happier with her. When we went to Almost Home and saw Dazey and her brothers and sister we knew one was coming home with us… if not two. Dazey quickly ran into our arms and hasn’t left our hearts since. She is such a character and is truly a smart dog. Whether she is running around and chasing her tail, rolling over, or her newest trick waving… she always keeps us smiling. She loves swimming in the lake and plays great with other dogs at the dog park. Almost Home Shelter is such an amazing place and does such a great job helping animals find forever homes like Dazey has with us. Thanks for all you do, we will continue to spread the word of what an amazing organization Almost Home Shelter is.   Jenna and Aric

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who was so patient and helpful while my family and I discussed adopting 'Butch' on Saturday at the Expo. I was hesitant since we were still grieving the loss of our beloved 'Chewie'. But 'Butch' has already stolen our hearts and is fitting in very well here. He's playful but also has great manners. I took him to work with me today at Noah's Ark Pet Hospital and he is now neutered and microchipped. He's definitely being well spoiled and loved. :) We appreciate you letting us make alternate arrangements for his neuter (especially since I don't think my son was going to leave that night without taking him home). :) And I agree Suzy.... I had no idea how much he was going to help us here and lift the sadness. My 4 yr old son never knew 'Chewie' to be a very playful dog since she was already aging when he was born, but he's been nothing but giggles playing with 'Butch'. It's fun to hear. Amanda

We adopted Bennett back in June of 2011, when he was almost a year old.  We met him at Petapalooza and fell in love but left the adoption fair wondering why we hadn't taken him home.  We talked about how wonderful he was that night so the following day, we drove out to Almost Home in Southfield to get him.  He fit into our home right away and he slowly gained nicknames like Ben, Benny, B-dog and has been formally registered with the state and the veterinarian as Benjamin Douglas Kippola.  

Benny loves our children and all their friends that come through our house.  I nanny and often have preschool moms over with their small children but Ben is always on his best behavior. His manners are impeccable! He does "the creep" on his belly to get close enough to the babies to sniff them and then lays like a statue while they play on the floor.  He never barks when someone knocks on the door (except for the UPS man), but instead whines to let us know someone has arrived.  He like visitors as much as we do!

Outside, he plays fetch with my nine year old son, loves long walks and swimming.  Oh Ben LOVES to swim!  Our daughter, who is almost five, loves to spend time reading to Benny, playing hide and go seek with him or teaching him new tricks.  Ben will do just about anything for a treat.

He completed his beginner basic obedience in October and we have started him in the intermediate level with hopes of having him complete his Canine Good Citizen certification.  We don't think it'll be that hard for him ~ he just wants to have fun and get praised for his accomplishments. 

Bennett is an amazing dog.  He has gotten lots of questions like, "is that a Pit Bull?" and "are those kind of dogs good with kids?".  Yes.  We always take the time to educate people on Staffordshire Terriers because Benny is such a perfect example of one.  He's gentle, loving and considerate but he's spunky, tough and determined.  We learned about the breed, prepared ourselves with training strategies and could not be happier with how he has truly become one of our pack members!  

Bennett has found a forever home!

Rene' Jaworski-Kippola

We adopted Tedro (Toby) about 3 weeks ago and he is a gem.  So sweet, smart, kind, playful, loving couldn't ask for more.  Jazzie was at first alittle scared of him because he has so much energy and she is a mature lady.  But they haven't had any arguments or fights.  Toby has decided that there are certain doggie snacks that he likes and others he doesn't (never known a furry baby who had a preference). Toby is an attention taker - he thinks he needs to be the center of attention all the time and Jazzie just rolls her eyes and lets him.  They hang out all day together each has their favorite window and go on several walks a day together.  When Toby is playing with his toys and running like a mad man Jazzie takes cover with us-its so funny to watch.  Yet when something good is on TV Toby stops immediately sits right in front of the TV tilts his head and gets his education.  He doesn't like golf or fighting on TV - he barks and crys at it.  His blue eyes will melt your heart - just a great addition to our family.


We have been donating $25 a week to your shelter either with cash for medical bills/surgery, or dog food from Premier as a thank you for giving us the best gift ever - TOBY.  Almost Home - Thanks for all you do for so many animals and families.

Jane, Dan, Jazzie and Toby Marple

Petunia's wonderful parents. Petunia is deaf and they've taught her commands in sign language. Wish we could clone people like these!!!!