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...And Still More Happy Tails

I just wanted to again thank you all at Almost Home for allowing me the pleasure to take Ziggy into my home. It must have been a match made in the heavens because we have such similar personalities that is a bit uncanny! I've fallen in love with this 60 some pound BIG BABY!   Marcrese

Here are Amos and Brio (sitting), adopted into a loving home!

Buddy & Shilo: We adopted Shilo (on the right) from Almost Home in July 2011. He has become a huge part of our home, lives and hearts.  Jennifer

Dear Almost Home,
Thank you for all you do for all the wonderful animals in your care.  We are so thrilled to have Roxy, our new Miniture Pinscher as part of our family!  She is very sweet and has been so teachable and fun to have around. She enjoys running along side my husband and I while we rollerblade and longboard.  Roxy also loves to splash in the lake and visit with our neighbors.  Everyone just adores her, and so do we!  Thank you Almost Home!  Kate and Joe

We walked into a pet store to buy dog food for my Golden and Malamute.  It was cold outside, so the rescue group had all the dogs in the back of the store.  We went and looked at the dogs but that was all, just to look.We came out and there was a lady (Gail) with leash attached to a Foxhound or so we thought. I knew I didn't recognize her, that was her first time at the this store.  She asked us if we would be interested in fostering?  I said, no thank you, fostering isn't for me, I will end up adopting her.  She told me Abbey's story.  

Abbey had been physical abused and was a year old. The previous owner finally turned her in to a shelter.  Because she was abused, she did not trust people and would sit in the back of the cage.  She was not friendly, she was afraid. She was within hours of being put down for nobody wanted to adopt her. Gail's team rescued her from the shelter and placed her in foster.  She had been in 3 fosters and had to leave the last for the gentleman was ill and could no longer care for her.  Unbeknownst to me, Gail and Abbey were desperate to find a someone to care for her.

We decided to take Abbey home with us. Poor baby, was afraid of her own shadow and everybody and everything else that crossed her path. Dogs she didn't mind. She knew how to be a scrapper if she had to. She got along great with my 2 other babies.  But everything else freaked her out. Friends would come to the house and she would run to my bedroom, sit on the bed and peek around the door, she wanted NO part of that. After 3 days, I decided I would adopt her.

They all respond to love. And so would Abbey, I felt in my heart.
It took a year for her to come out of her shell and make friends with a neighbor of mine that is a runner.  Abbey loves to run.  She would take her for a 7 mile run every couple of weeks, Abbey adores her. Abbey is now 8.  She is very comfortable in her home and has made many friends but it has been a long road that we have chosen to walk together. Abbey is trusting but reserved, can you blame her? She has blossomed into a wonderful dog.  She still carries her scars but they are no longer a memory or a nightmare. And after doing much research, we soon discovered she is not a Foxhound after all, Abbey is a Harrier.  And a very happy and grateful one at that.

We are both blessed that our paths have crossed.  God put me exactly where I needed to be that day.  And He put Gail and Abbey there too. :)

And to this day, Abbey hates having her picture taken.  I have to do it with my phone and on silent mode, no clicking.  I really don't think she likes anything pointed at her, for if she sees me pointing a camera at her, she hightails it out of the room.

But who can resist those eyes?

Two happy families who have just adopted wonderful dogs! We hope to hear from them later!

11/2011  - This is Maggie May's family! We have had her for a month and she still impresses us each day. Well mannered, handsome and fun. Just the right mix to bring our family together around something outside of ourselves. We have a new eye for our furry neighbors who have enjoyed meeting Maggie. BTW, she was spayed yesterday, and she excelled at that, too.

Leonard (aka Jordan) is adjusting well and loves all the petting he gets from me and my nephew :)  Shyla

We adopted Leo and Lily (formerly known as Blaine and Tango) in ay of 2011. We were instantly drawn to Leo as he resembled the spunky Jack Russell Terrier that Steve grew up with. Leo was sharing a cage with Lily and she was so sweet that we couldn't take Leo outside for a one-on-one visit without bringing Lily along.  As soon as we stepped outside, we felt an instant connection to both dogs and quickly realized there was no way we could take Leo home without Lily.  They are a perfect match for us (and for each other).  Leo and Lily quickly adapted to their new lives.  They enjoy going on daily walks, playing with their toys, trips to northern Michigan where they work on their swimming skills, and most of all playing and cuddling with each other. Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of Leo and Lily for us!  Alissa and Steve

Volunteer Erika LOVES her baby, Bubu.

Missy (formally Cinderella) has been the sweetest dog since day one.  She is smart and such a cuddler.  Missy gets along with all her new fuzzy friends.  Thank you for the opportunity to adopt such a special dog!“ The Zube family 

This is my sweet little boy Diesel (formerly Gabriel) that we got from the shelter. He is a wonderful dog and we are thankful that he is a part of our family!  Jessica Bolton

Hello--thought I would send along a few photos of Otie to include for Happy Tails. I adopted him in November of 2010, almost one year with us! Here he is looking quite comfortable (maybe sometimes too comfortable? ;) at home. He's such a loving and playful dog. Thank you! Melissa

Nisa and Fuller love their forever family and vice versa!

Ginger, who we adopted in 2008, formerly known as Bethany, is the light of our lives. She communi-cates so well, and is our happy little protector and huntress.  She goes everywhere with us, including on cross country trips where she has learned to be a very good dog while staying in hotels.   She loves the snow and she loves the beach so much.    Her Family

I adopted Gizmo from Almost Home back in April 0f 2011. He was rescued by you from a high kill shelter. He has made such a wonderful addition to our family, not sure how someone let such a precious animal go. Definitely our families gain! Thanks for finding our newest addition to our family, can't imagine life without him!!!   Kim Deaton Hendershot