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Red came to Almost Home from a hoarder house a little over a year ago. I immediately feel in love with his laid-back personality.

I was replacing my cat of 15yrs that passed away, so I was used to social animals. Despite staying hidden for a week, Red eventually gave me (and my mother) his trust.

He is very intelligent and I think he understood my emotion. Now, he is very affectionate and can’t get enough head scratches. He is the coolest cat you will ever meet ;)

Thank you all for the work that you do.


...And More Happy Tails

My family and I came in last week to sign out final adoption papers for Blair and we couldn't be happier! She's a great dog and we all love her to pieces! She loves to play with my daughter, go for car rides and most of all she loves to cuddle and give lots of kisses. Thank you so much for blessing our family with her.

Best regards, Nicole

Sharon is an awesome mother to two of our babies. Here she is with adorable Stash, who has a sister adopted from AH a while back named Chloe.

Scruffy Joe has a new name - Ralph - and new parents to love him.

Chris and Jaclyn with new pup Garbanzo.

Mona and Chase, happy dogs in a wonderful forever home.

It has been just over a year since I found Cole on the Almost Home adoption site. While looking through so many photos and researching pet care it was fate that I found him when I did.  As soon as I saw his face in the picture I knew instantly that he was the puppy for me.  From the beginning he has been a great dog and best friend. He has been through training and has learned many new tricks, loves to stroll through the neighborhood with excellent posture (Look out ladies!), and loves to play outside in his large backyard. Thank you Almost Home for allowing me to find the “perfect” friend!

Best regards, Andy

Here's a pic of our boy Floyd’s adopted 5 years ago. He's been such a joy...such a good'd never know that he'd been mistreated prior to Almost Home finding him. A great big baby... :) Thank you all for the wonderful work you do. Kate Hurlahe

Here's a photo of our Bichon/Poodle mix, Pierre, whom we adopted from Almost Home. He has been such a wonderful addition to our family- he's such a good boy, and brings us joy every day!! :) Thank you, Almost Home Shelter! Marie Kidd

Photos of Belle and Chrissy. Lynne adopted them together as babies at least eight years ago.. They love their life.

Pierre the poodle looks as if he’s found his perfect home.

I adopted Nelson aka Yoda dog in late June 2010.  Nelson was a welcome addition to my family as I also have a 2 yr old 5 lb Yorkie mix named Simon.  He fit right in and made himself at home with me and Simon.  He is a loveable, energetic, spunky little guy.  Everyone that has met Nelson has just fallen in love with him.  He has a kind, gentle personality and make it clear that he wants to be the center of attention.  His favorite things are his Kong filled with peanut butter, any toy that squeaks and sleeping in my king sized bed at my side.

Judy Fisher

This is Mr. Van GOGO..who I love so much, I adopted him around November 2010...I love Mona and Chase too (also adopted from Almost Home.) Patricia

Hello Everyone,


I just wanted to give you an update on how things are going since we adopted Remington. First, I'm sorry to say, that we lost our other dog, Suzy, to leukemia last Friday. Remington has been a God send to us in helping us get through.


On to happier topics: Remington is hilarious and keeps us laughing and guessing what he's going to do next. We have learned that he likes to play tug and when we are outside he likes going after a frisbee. He also likes chasing balls but is more inclined to play keep away than fetch.  lol.  He lets us know if he hasn't gotten enough play by sitting next to his toys and looking at us longingly (we always cave).


He's really great about sit, stay, and shake, we are still working on the "come" thing. He will come to me pretty quickly, but he questions why he should also have to come to my husband; pretty funny from my perspective...


I recently underwent shoulder surgery and he has been very gentle around me and is careful not to hit me with his tug. Everyone has noticed the difference in how he is around me since the surgery. He also gets very excited when I get home and races around the house. Sometimes, he's so excited that he can't contain himself and leaps over the couch. He's so funny.


Chance really loves him and they love to chase each other outside, which is good because it wears them both out and they sleep better. Remington has taken to sleeping either on the floor next to me (doesn't stay on the bed real long) or he makes himself comfortable on the couch. We also learned that he likes a pillow.


Remington has been a huge blessing to us and we couldn't be happier. He is settling in very well and seems happy. I have enclosed a few pictures for you. Thank you again for rescuing such a wonderful family member.

Dianne and her beloved Oliver

Almost Home Volunteer Coordinator Laura Cole and boyfriend Matt first adopted Layla,a doberman, but then also fell in love with a mini version of Layla, a minipin named Smitty, who Laura met while volun-teering at an adoption event. Here they are up North with their lookalikes. babies.

“We adopted MO (formerly kno wn as Heineken) July 2010.  He is doing great!  Had his first long distance ride in the car Memorial weekend. (no problems over the road)  Took his first dip in a lake.  And handled being surrounded by small children very well.  MO can perform 6 tricks/commands to date.  Sit, sit pretty, lie down, shake (right and left paws) and gives high fives!  MO is an awesome dog!”  Sylvia H

We adopted Ripple last fall and have just absolutely fallen IN LOVE with her. She loved our trip to the lake for the 4th. Thank you for keeping her until we found her!!


Hi I'm Callie (Claire) my new mom (Kim S) rescued me from Almost Home May 14m 2011. I love my new home and am very spoiled. My broken leg has healed nicely after 2 months and I play like crazy now. Thank you for taking such good care of me until my mom adopted me.

“Ginger, who we adopted in 2008, now known as Bethany, is the light of our lives.  She communicates so well, and is our happy little protector and huntress.  She goes everywhere with us, including on cross country trips where she has learned to be a very good dog while staying in hotels.   She loves the snow and she loves the beach so much.”

This is Bennett, an American Staffi that we rescued from Almost Home this past June. He's very comfortable at our house and is doing GREAT!! Rene