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...And More Happy Tails
I wanted to send you a picture and a note about our dog, Julian, who we rescued from Almost Home in May 2010. In such a short period of time we have fallen so in love with him! He instantly became a part of our family. We couldn't imagine not having him around. At times he can be a bit mischievous and we wonder how he gets into some of the things he does, but nonetheless, he keeps us laughing! He loves when visitors come over and gets very excited to greet each and everyone of our guests. Everyone that meets him just falls in love with his enthusiastic energy. I am so happy we rescued Julian. He is now in his forever home. Thank you so much for everything that you do!
Crystal Gale
Hi, I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on Jack.  He was listed as a labradoodle but we aren't sure that is what he is.  We think he could be a barbet or a different poodle mix but we don't see the lab in him at all.  He is a great dog for us. He participates in everything with us. He loves to run, go for bike rides and travel, but he also loves to lye on the couch and watch me cook.  At first we had some trouble with him being a one person dog.  I was his person and no one else would do.  But Jack is now able to include almost 100 people in his pack.  we still have trouble with him guarding the house to an extreme but we work on it everyday and I know we will over come it.  When I adopted Jack I told you that I needed a dog who acted positively toward children and you gave it to me.  His fear based aggression and guarding has never applied to children.  He treats children like furniture, they are just there and they are meaningless unless he knows them and then they are part of the pack.  I have learned what situations are the most stressful to Jack and have found ways of not putting him in situations of stress unnecessarily.  He has taught us so much about caring for a person who has been through trauma. We hope to adopt children with checkered pasts and Jack is our first. Thank you for bringing him into our lives.  
Elyse and Jake

We adopted "Tina" a beagle and rat terrier mix year old dog on Oct.16 2010. Once she got to know us a little better the first thing we did was change her name to "Daisy". She just didn't look like a Tina and she really didn't respond to that name.We loved her from the start. She's a very behaved and calm dog. She is completely housebroken and has never had an accident.She always tells us when she needs to go out.  We take her to the dog park every weekend and she loves it!.Both my boyfriend and I have totally fallen in love with her. We couldn't ask for a better dog!. We just had her picture taken with Santa at PetSmart.So cute..Thanks Almost Home for taking care of so many animals that would have been put down. We both have much respect for you!...Thanks again...Dana and Ashwin from Auburn Hills...

Just wanted to give you an update on Tucker aka Mr. Tulley, we had a wonderful trip up north Friday, he loved the woods (on a 60' tie out), he just played in the leaves and laid in the snow. He is a big snuggle bear which we needed on Friday night....just got to get him to leave the cats alone, got two scratches on the nose already tonight!   Kathy

"We've had Dexter (once known as Ziggy) for just over a year now and we feel like we've hit the lottery! He came to us with a lot of trust  issues and is making progress realizing that he is now in a safe and loving home. When he first came home he couldn't even walk into the house if he saw us standing there. We needed to duck out of sight for him to feel it was okay to come inside. The next hurdle was taking walks....we started him down the driveway. Then we worked our way down a few houses until he could feel safe enough to walk the whole block.

Now my little buddy goes with me on our daily 4 mile walks and we get smiles everywhere we go! We think he is just the cutest dog ever and he is so sweet and good natured around everyone. The day we went to Almost Home my husband and I sat with Dexter for several hours pondering our decision to adopt him. But, in those 2 hours something magical happened....Dexter cast his spell over us and we decided to trust our hearts and make him part of our family. We are so glad we did! Thank you, Almost Home - the Korby Family