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Here is Kathleen and her beloved new fur-baby, Spencer. He was beautiful when she adopted him - he looked like “The Shaggy Dog” - but he’s been groomed to look so fancy he could win the Westminster dog show, don’t you think?
Samson and his new family begin life together in this photo taken at Premiere Pet Supply, where he was adopted. He’s doing
just great and loves
Maddy - saved by Almost Home one day before she was scheduled to be gassed at a bad kill shelter! Here she is with her wonderful new mom and dad
Today is the one-year anniversary that I rescued Roxy from Almost Home. This past year has been nothing but a joy. I was nervous the first time I went to work and left her home alone, not knowing what I would be coming home to. The amazing thing was she didn't destroy anything nor made anywhere in the house. She is very affectionate and always wants to be petted. I had many changes in my life over the last year but Roxy has been a rock for me through it all.  She is  a truly wonderful companion.

I try to be the best petrent I can be for Roxy.  She deserves the best. She may be home alone while I am at work but she is treated like the Diva she is. She has 2 uncles and one aunt anytime we visit my parents’ house. She likes to wrestle with her maltese-bichon mix uncle, Maxx. She likes to watch her lab mix uncle, Shadow, when he eats hoping that food will drop from his dish. She likes to just lie around and take it easy with her maltese aunt, Sassy.  

Thank you, Almost Home, for taking care of all of these cats and dogs until their forever home is found. Sincerely,Jason Shain
...And More Happy Tails
I adopted a Rottie from you in May of 2008 named Chloe.  She was super-thin but a real sweetie.  I just thought you might want to know she's doing great - she's my best pal. Her new name (well new as of when I got her) is Misha. Misha still has a bit of trauma from whatever happened to her before you folks got her; she's still a bit skittish and afraid of most men, but really for the most part she's just a big lovey dog who lives to snuggle on the couch, go for car rides and loves to go for walks on sunny afternoons.  She's a great dog. I've been working with her constantly to try to get her a bit more assertive and less fearful.  It's a slow process but there's definitely been a lot of improvement.  Most days, though, she's just content to just snooze in her chair or go to the office with me (I own my own business so of

"In 2007 I decided to become a volunteer at Almost Home, and fell in love with all these pets every time I came in. So many loving, wonderful dogs and cats needing a new home for whatever reason. So many incredible people volunteering their time working tirelessly to help these sweet animals. Loved it when the dogs and cats got adopted and you knew they were going to a much better life than what they likely had previously. I fell the most in love though with these two guys and am ever thankful to Gail and Lauren for having this wonderful facility and for keeping all these animals safe, fed and healthy until they find their forever homes. We can't imagine not having Whiskey and Huckleberry in our lives - they are so loved!"  Carol