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“I wanted to share with you some pictures of Pongo with his new “BFF” Wendal (our next door neighbor.)  Pongo LOVES him and will run to his house every chance he gets.  Although Pongo is probably one of the most stubborn dogs around, he has adjusted quite nicely as the ruler of our home.  Thanks for taking such good care of him until he found his new home. Best of luck!” Jodi
Our Happy Tails
Here are Michele and Cozmo (formerly “Muffin”. Cozmo was adopted by Almost Home volunteer Michele and her husband Larry at Christmas. Cozmo enjoys watching television and is pretty much a perfect dog. He came as a stray to Almost Home.  
After her beloved schnauzer died at Christmas (at age 15), Karen immediately decided to adopt a
dog. Connor, a schnoodle,  was a puppy mill dog and very scared of life. With much patience, Connor
is now walking on a leash and learning other skills. Karen  honored Connor by volunteering  September ‘09 at Best Friends (Dogtown)in Utah.
Daisy (formerly Talia) a puppy-mill shih tzu, was adopted by a very loving mom, and the two of them spent the last few cold months in sunny Florida!
Anya, once a sad and frightened Scottie barely surviving in a puppy mill, is now a bright and happy pet, adopted by a terrific family who love Anya tremendously.
“Thank you so much!  
We just adore Stewie;
he fits right into our
family!  I will
recommend the shelter
to anyone I know
Kim, Brian and Wolfie are a happy family.
Al brought his rescue mini-pin to see if he would get along with Rin, our beloved little guy who was saved from being gassed, and it was a love match! The two are best friends already and even sharing chew toys.
Our special boy Bruno with his mom, the best mom a dog could ever have!
Megan and Greta -  check out the smile on Greta - she’s pretty happy to have found Megan!!
I just wanted to share some pictures of Maxine now that she is settled in her new home. She was adopted by the Commyn family in July‘09. She has made a complete 360 since we have brought her home. She is so talkative. She follows
our other dog, Mickey, everywhere he goes and
does whatever he does.
It's so cute. She is
such a little cuddle
buddy. We all love her
to pieces!! Stephanie Commyn

A note to Gail from Fritzy:

I remember you taking me to your house to help me transition to a healthy environment. I remember being shown to prospective parents, no t being selected and the heartache of rejection. I clearly recall the day my parents came to view another dog and me. You told my parents I didn't present as well as the other dog but I was a doggy lottery dream come true.  My parents heeded your wisdom and the rest is history. I have been with my family a total 38 days and since day one my adoption was an absolute.  You never gave up on me and I appreciate your confidence.  
Tail wags, loving gazes, sniffs and manly barks, THE SUPREME PRIZE OF THE DOGGY LOTTERY---"FREDERICH" Fritzy, esq.  extraordinary schnauzer pup oxoxo - sent 1/10/10

Dottie - now named Maya - looks very happy in the arms of her

new parents.

Writes Bonnie: Here are three pictures of Charlie. First, when he was a kitten. We got him when he was 3 weeks old and bottle fed him. with a bottle. The other pix are of him now. You can see he is a big guy so the bottle feeding must have worked. His favorite place to sleep is in the rocking chair. Isn't he cute?  
Here are some pictures of Bailey (formerly known as Penny) taken this week.  As you can see from the one picture she thinks she is a cat and lays herself across the back of the couch.  It's pretty funny.  She has made herself quite at home here with our boys.  She is spoiled and enjoys all her "babies".  After having to make the hard decision to put down our dog Rusty in December we really were not going to get a dog but we couldn't resist falling for Bailey and her adorable ears.  She fits right in our home like she has always been part of our family.  She is even so spoiled that she sleeps with my husband and I in our bed each night (which our late dog NEVER did!).  Thank you for rescuing her and allowing us to adopt her into our family. Michelle
Molly and Cotton
Just wanted to let all know that Asia has been nothing but a joy to the family.  Asia is a true blessing!  Asia was adopted in November 2009 and is completely settled in and comfortable with all of her surroundings, including the family cat.  Thank you again, Almost Home.  
Bryan & Family

We adopted Katie (Original name Pumpernickel) September 2009.We have just celebrated her first birthday. Katie has adjusted very well to life at home. She has a big sister, Cece, who was rescued from an alley in Detroit. They love to play, snuggle and eat together, as well as chase birds and squirrels from window to window.  Katie is very affectionate and loves to be petted and snuggle.We are so happy to have such great friends and companions in Katie and Cece and encourage all that have the ability to bring home a new friend to contact Almost home. Thanks, Erik Buckstad & Chris Harris

We are so in love with Truffles.  She is a joy in our home.  We are getting to know her more and more and she gets cuter every day.  We recently had her spayed.  My husband says she has come back stranger than before... he just didn't see all her little nuances as he is always working.  Specifically, she loves her babies.  She has picked out a few toys at the pet store.  Whatever she has chosen, we buy for her.  Much like our Peyton, she doesn't beg for things, but she loves and plays with what she chooses.  She has always chosen a soft fluffy squeeker animal- Pinky, a pink pig toy, then a monkey, who is not named.  She is such a caretaker of her babies.  She "nibbles" on them and takes them to bed with her.  So cute.  Sorry I don't have any pictures of them.  Maybe later.  She doesn't pay much attention to the other toys that we've given her that are not stuffed animals.  We even found one of Peyton's larger stuffed dogs sitting outside the door of her crate.  Apparently it didn't fit through the doorway for her to take it in and claim it!  She is much like Peyton also in that she loves her clothes!  I don't know if she loves the fashion, the warmth, or the soft reminder of her smell in them.  Recently I went to take her out and she went to the laundry pile and brought back her sweater while "talking" to me with it in her mouth!! LOL Hilarious!  She is the dog for us!!  I'm not sure how the potty training is going.  I say this because she has had numerous purposeful accidents in the house.  (Still holding off on new carpet!!)  She is not very clear on letting us know when she wants to go out.  She doesn't get the bell yet.  We're still working on it, figuring the surgery may have thrown her off.  I can't say for sure if she is trained yet or not as we just take her out so often that she is hardly in the house long enough to accumulate enough to go potty inside.  Did that make sense?  She is learning a thing or two.  Well at least a thing... she does sit for a treat.  We do just LOVE her so.  As her surgery heals we'll teach her more tricks and training.  I think we all will benefit from a doggy class.  At any rate, thought you might enjoy the update and pictures.  Love telling you about her as I think our friends may be tired of hearing about her!
P.S. I guess I do see "Pinky the Pig" in some of the pictures.  


We adopted Nathan, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, over two months ago from Almost Home.  He is great with kids and adapted well into our home and visiting almost daily with the grandkids. We love him already!  Leigh

AVERY, content with mommy and dad

From Lee, an exceptional volunteer!

“I want to share the happy tails of my three dogs from Almost Home. Their stories begin with Dutchess. I wanted to foster a dog from the shelter. Lisa asked if I would be willing to foster Dutchess because she had been there for a long time and Lisa wanted her to have the chance to live in a home. She had been brought in as a stray and no one wanted her. To make a long story short, we fell in love with her and adopted her. Then came Harley. He was brought in with Dutchess but went into a foster home. He was supposed to be adopted but it fell through (and he'd lost his spot at the foster home too). We fell in love with him and adopted him too. Later Tiffy came into the shelter. She wouldn't eat because she was so sad. Whenever I was in the room she would throw her kibble at me-trying to get my attention. I felt so sorry for her that I adopted her too. They are all the best of friends and are truly enjoying their lives together! Thanks”

I adopted my first dog back in June of 2010. We adopted him from Almost Home. This dog has brought my family closer and we all love him so much! My dog's name is Frank! He is a Portuguese water dog mini poodle mix. When my mom was looking for a dog and we were not even sure we wanted a dog, she fell in love with Frank on the internet and he is a total mommy's boy. When we adopted him, he had some leg issues which have been fixed with lots of swimming in the lake! He now does not limp and can put all of his weight on his leg. He loves to chase after the squirrels and a ball. We live on the lake and he absolutely adores swimming! He is so cute and is my new best friend. He also likes to jump over agility jumps! We love him so much!    Addison

A quick note to tell you I went to a pumpkin patch yesterday with my new family. I got to run all over and smell the pumpkins and gourds. Cole and I picked a special pumpkin and brought it home. I got a dog treat for going potty outside. Wow that was easy. I think I might do that more often as I like those treats. The cat Moose chased me in the house and made me laugh. He is a funny cat. I have a squeaky tennis ball type toy I like. I think I might go to Petsmart and pick out a few more toys. There is so much to explore in my new house and neighborhood. So many smells and so many people and dogs. I love the smell of leaves and liked running through a big pile of them. I met my neighbors and they gave me hugs and welcomed me. 
This morning I went to school with Cole and got to meet his friends. They all came to the truck to see me. My tail could not stop wagging. Now I am going with my Dad to check out a job. I love riding in the truck. My Mom gave me hugs and kisses before she left for work today. I can't wait to tell you more about my week. – Seattle (formerly Jensen)